12/20/2013 12:28 pm ET Updated Feb 09, 2014

Top Teacher Voice of 2013

2014 is almost here, and we hope it will be the best year yet for teacher voice! Here are our picks for the top 12 must-read teacher voice articles of one for good luck!

1) "I Graduated From Sandy Hook and I'm Against Arming Teachers." Allison Rief, Los Angeles Teaching Policy Fellow, TakePart.

2) "Hold Indiana to high standards." Ashley Hebda, Indianapolis Teaching Policy Fellow, Indy Star.

3) "Exams Aren't the Enemy: How Tests Can Help Low-Income Students." Talmadge Nardi, Greater Boston Teaching Policy Fellow, The Atlantic.

4) "Hey Dad, Here's Why We Should Pay Teachers More." Jonathan Alfuth, Memphis Teaching Policy Fellow, Huffington Post.

5) "Unions Should Cage-Bust Their Way to Better Teacher Retention." Jacob Pactor, Indianapolis Teaching Policy Fellow, Education Week.

6) "Making a 'Substantial Difference,' Despite Student Poverty." Casie Jones, Memphis Teaching Policy Fellow, Education Week Teacher.

7) "I Was Bullied...On Twitter." Kylene Young, Chicago Teaching Policy Fellow, Eduwonk.

8) "Common Core Is Putting Teachers Back in the Curricular Driver's Seat." Sujata Bhatt, Los Angeles Teaching Policy Fellow, Eduwonk.

9) "The Value of Evaluation." Carla Zils, Greater Boston Network Member, Huffington Post.

10) "With Dual Roles, Students and Teachers Benefit." Susan Volbrecht, Chicago Teaching Policy Fellow, Huffington Post.

11) "Don't fear Common Core." Andrew Vega, Greater Boston Teaching Policy Fellow, Los Angeles Times.

12) "A Teacher's Defense of Education Reform." Carl Finer, Los Angeles Network Member, Education Week Teacher.

13) "Unions and the New Majority: How Can We Work Together?" Rob Powers, Teach Plus/NEA Fellow, Huffington Post.