10/27/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Debate Steak: Red Meat for Which Party?

It's Debate Night at Wilshire & Washington! In the first real face-off between Obama and McCain, Ari Melber from The Nation and the Washington Independent drops in for tonight's special Friday episode. How did the debate go? Who won? Who lost? Who had the best tie? Melber joins our hosts live from Mississippi to answer all!

Jim Lehrer presided over one of the most anticipated debates in the history of American politics, and the sparks did indeed fly. But afterwards, we saw Ol' Joe Biden, but where was Sarah Palin, the mysterious Republican VP pick? And during the debate, what did Obama say to nail down McCain and link him to still-President Bush? Was McCain even affected by the drama leading up to Friday's fight night? And wouldn't it be fascinating if Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin debated on a national stage? Would the collective brains of the MSM explode? This whole thing of men debating men is just getting boring after nearly 300 years...

Tonight's show also features the W&W hosts weighing in on an exclusive question from, covering McCain's pandering to the extreme right.

Listen here:

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