11/08/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Has CA's Assault on Marriage Fallen Off the Gaydar?

What's up the polls in California? A new study shows that all those anti-Proposition 8 advertising is working: people are supporting the initiative to ban gay marriage in California by 47% to 42%. Jake Stevens, the Deputy Mayor of West Hollywood, stops by to talk Proposition 8 and what is up with its supporters. Is it the advertising that's scaring people? What's up with that Gavin Newsom poll? Don't Californians care about equality for all? How much does this relate to the fight for the White House?

Ted, Teresa, and Maegan also reassess last night's debate. Why did this town hall debate turn into a rehash of last time? What was up with the audience? Were they just all losing sleep over the economy? Where's the interaction with the audience? And did anyone hear about this NBC skit that was taken down from their site, causing online viewers to shout "censorship?"

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