02/25/2009 02:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Hope & Gay Marriage: CA's Fight Rages Despite Non-State of Union Snub

The nation's new agenda, as laid out by President Obama last night, may have moved on to other weighty matters - ooh, economy, when will you be your old self again? - but the fight against Proposition 8, banning gay marriage in California, still rages on. Guest Geoff Kors, Executive Director of Equality California, joins the W&W crew to talk Sean Penn's speech at the Oscars, the new "I do" campaign from his organization featuring Wanda Sykes, and the California Supreme Court battle coming up next week, including a revelation as to where Ken Starr slithered off to all those years ago. He also discusses the implications of state's dramatic marriage rights campaign on the national agenda, particularly given criticisms of the White House's separate-but-equal civil unions stance.

Our hosts Ted, Maegan, and Teresa also weigh in on the Non-State of the Union. Is Obama breaking through with the public and getting his message across clearly, or is it just more spin? And did Bobby Jindal's response land with a thud? Sounds like, from the "Oh God" emitting from MSNBC! (Suuuure, it was a cameraman, Keith.) Also, George Clooney visits the White House to chat about Darfur. Does celebrity support mean anything? Are actors really American citizens? Do we let them vote, and should we, really? Maegan argues everyone's voice should count but Chuck Norris. And finally, Teresa enlightens us about a new initiative that basically lets immigration zealots act as virtual minute men from their home computers using crowd sourcing technology. (No word yet whether Lou Dobbs is one of them.) All on today's Wilshire & Washington.

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