02/11/2009 01:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Netroots Activism: Tips for Operating on Governing (Not Campaign!) Mode

Obama promised us Government 2.0, but what really happens after you join the Facebook group to save the whales or add your name to an Overturn Prop 8 email list? Does anyone actually read them? What happens when these thousands upon thousands of letters arrive at the door of Congress? Sarah Schacht, founder and Executive Director of Knowledge As Power, a non-profit dedicated to helping citizens become informed and effective within the legislative process, is a long-time insider and knows what influence, if any, these actions have on Congress. In her interview today on Wilshire & Washington, she offers some effective advice on how to best get your representative's attention. You may be shocked by what you hear: Forget FISA, it's the movement against the sale of wild horse meat that she recommends modeling your campaign after.

In other news: How about President Obama's first primetime press conference? Did you fall asleep? Did he effectively dodge any and all serious questions W-style, including a doozy from Helen Thomas, the cutest WH correspondent who's ever lived? And what about former e-bay exec Meg Whitman's bid for CA governor? Does this signal a new involvement by Silicon Valley players in politics? Does Whitman get a pass for her nuanced support of Proposition 8, despite potential opposition from the sultry mayor of San Francisco?

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