11/04/2009 04:57 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

One Year Later: A Meaningless Election, Same-Sex Initiatives Fail, And Madeleine Albright's Love of Pins

Welcome to Meaningless Election Day 2009, the day the media will read far too much into the portentous local elections around the country. What will the storylines be? The Rise of the Republicans? Comeuppance for Obama? The Country under Conservative control? Despite all this fascinating stuff to deal with, we start with a highly amusing interview with former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. She has a new book out in which she describes how the buttons, pins, and costume jewelry she wore scared the pants off the Russians in negotiations. Or something like that. You've got to hear this ol' firecracker - she's a treasure. She also comments on celebrity activism and how she very much enjoys meeting celebrities, Matt Damon in particular. Shocker, that.

But back to the most important Election Day ever. We've got the White House's reaction to yesterday's results, which didn't look too good for the Democrats; they lost governor mansions in Virginia and New Jersey, but they did take the contentious NY-23 district, a place no one had ever heard of (or cared about) four weeks ago. So was this a referendum on Obama? Governor Corzine of NJ had already dug his own hole, so he's no surprise loser. Virginia is traditionally Republican, so maybe that just says that Organizing for America can't win anywhere, anytime.

There were also a few ballot initiatives on same-sex rights. In Washington, the voters chose to uphold a law that granted the same rights to domestic partnerships that are given to married couples. Teresa, a resident, tells us about the two Washingtons, and how they're totally different on this issue. We also talk about Question 1 from Maine, which passed, and repealed a law signed by the governor that gave same-sex couples the right to get married. At this point, pro-same-sex marriage ballot initiatives are something like to 0-30. Voters shouldn't decide this issue. Why should there be a referendum on the rights of a minority group? Oh, because we're a bunch of crazies. Ah, I forgot. And why didn't the president even mention the fight over gay marriage in Maine? Obama says he supports same-sex rights but he also believes marriage is between a man and a woman. So he very clearly is being political here. Meet the new Change, just like the old change.

And, oh my goodness, has it really been a year since we elected Senator Barack Obama to be the president? And look how we've become a communist state with full employment... oh, no, that didn't happen at all, did it? Darn. With one year gone by on Obama, he"s being judged by everyone. It's tough to make change happen and he shouldn't be condemned for not being able to change DC quick enough. He's been held back by the glacial rate of Congress. But I thought that's why we gave Rahm Emanuel a flamethrower and the addresses of all Blue Dog Democrats?

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