11/15/2008 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Presidential Debates 2008 - Round 3! Fight! Or, discuss this dude Joe...

Joe Six-Pack, move aside! There's a new independent voter in town -- Joe the Plumber. In tonight's final presidential debate between Barack Obama and John McCain, why did they keep talking about this guy and who is he anyways? And why exactly are all the independent voters out there named Joe? Hey Joe: decide already!

For this special edition of Wilshire & Washington, MediaLizzy from Heading Right Radio joins hosts Ted, Maegan, and Teresa for a rousing discussion on this, the most entertaining of all the debates by far, moderated by the superior and dignified Bob Schieffer. Did Obama show that he was presidential once and for all? Did McCain score any points with the Bill Ayers attack or did it hurt him to go on the attack? Did Obama firm up his big lead in the battleground states -- like those silly undecided voters from Ohio on CNN -- or did McCain finally get the game-changing debate performance the Right's been looking for? Can anybody even win these debates? Oh, apparently there's agreement on that one: the makeup stylists did a fan-tas-tic job!

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