04/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Week's Fat Cats Deconstructed: AIG, Meghan McCain and SXSW Techies Revolt

With the AIG bonuses dominating the news, there's talk of some good old fashioned populist uprising. Hosts Ted Johnson, Teresa Valdez-Klein, and Maegan Carberry tackle the big question: Is it real outrage? Are Americans actually going to get up off their couch, grab their pitchforks, and storm Wall Street? We've all been hearing the bad news for a couple of years now, and the really awful news for a couple of months - so are we desensitized to it all? Should we really be that surprised with the latest revelations of "shenanigans," as Jim Cramer calls them so innocuously? (And all those politicians, who act so surprised about these Wall Street firms pulling a fast one? They definitely shouldn't be surprised.)

On a more uplifting note, Adriana Dunn of the socially-conscious Participant Productions (of "Syriana," and "North Country" fame) joins the Wilshire & Washington crew for a little talk about the South by Southwest interactive conference held in Austin this past week. As a blogger for Participant's, Adriana covers how people use technology to drive social change, and the SXSWi festival offers plenty of opportunity for that. She discusses the Ron Paul Effect, how Obama's iPhone app led the charge into the mobile field, and TakePart's new blog, which will be launching the first week of May.

Ted, Teresa, and Maegan also tackle Obama on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Is the world's biggest chin really a presidential platform, or should Mr. President be above a late night talk circuit? You didn't see FDR just coming out, talking to the people with no go-between, did you? Well, other than those fireside chats nobody ever listened to... And finally, there's the Meghan McCain vs Laura Ingraham Controversy, if we can call it that. Who's calling who a fat ass, and is little Meghan becoming a fierce new voice on the Right or just another running media topic, fueled by our obsession with celebrities' personal lives?

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