03/29/2012 03:11 pm ET Updated May 28, 2012

7 Ways To Reach the President

I think I'm out of ideas.

I've been trying to reach the president to tell him about The Rebuild Your Life Project jobs initiative -- United 9 to 5. It's a program that I developed that asks big businesses to create jobs for Americans by holding a one day mass hiring event as a demonstration of their corporate commitment to social responsibility. It's also a great way for these businesses to let Americans know that they appreciate their patronage and support over the years. When this concept is implemented, hundreds, if not thousands of Americans will have the opportunity of a lifetime to be employed by companies that care about the people.

I decided to reach out to president Obama to ask him how I could earn his support for this initiative but it's really, really hard to get the president on the phone. I mean, he seems like a people person and for the first time I feel like my voice matters. Even though I'm just a blogging waitress who loves karaoke, I know my idea is a good one and I want him to at least hear me out. I don't believe it's impossible so I have been pursuing it diligently.

As far as I know there are seven ways to try to contact the president of the United States. The first thing I did while trying to contact the president was look up the White House website. There is a form there where you can email the president directly. Well, it's probably not direct to his cell phone but I feel confident someone will pass along the message. Then I saw that there is a White House comment line where you can actually call and speak to a live person who types out your message and sends it to the president's office. I've called twice so far and both times the people were friendly and patient with me as I dictated my message to the president.

I then contacted the president's advisor, Valorie Jarrett. This was tough to do because the people who answered the phone at the White House switchboard couldn't quite figure out who was the best person to take my call when I asked for Ms. Jarrett's office. Eventually, I spoke with Cathy Branch who gave me an email address to send a letter explaining my idea. I sent it off immediately.

I then got in touch with an editor for the Huffington Post and asked if I could become a blogger. After reading about The Rebuild Your Life Project and my jobs initiative, he was excited to allow me to share my story. This was another method I used to get my message out there. Who knows, the president may read the Huff Post too.

After I had called The White House three times and written letters twice, I decided to try a different approach. The president is really on top of social media and I was excited when he joined us on Google Plus, a new social network developed by Google. I have him 'hooped' which is another term for having him in my Google Plus circles. I made a video letter expressing my desire to meet with him, uploaded it to Youtube and sent it to him on Google Plus and through Facebook.

One day I was casually stalking my traffic stats on my women's empowerment blog and my eyes grew wide when I saw that someone from "The Executive Office of The President Of the United States" had visited my blog. I had to get up and shake my thang a little when I saw that! I took a screen shot and posted it on Google Plus to celebrate because that is an indication that that I am getting close. At least someone in the White House has heard of me. This entire campaign to reach the president has been a concerted effort spread out over more than three months while I have been patiently crafting and revising my initiative and waiting tables at Denny's on the overnight shift.

I'm not sure what I can do next. I don't want to bombard him with emails and seem like a lunatic even though so many people say that I am crazy for even thinking the president would talk to me. I don't care what they say because it is important to me and this is a good idea. I know it is.

My next objective is to write an article to go along with my marketing materials which will further explain the United 9 to 5 jobs initiative. For the past three weeks, I have been looking for real Americans who want to work to feature in this article but I haven't found anyone who is willing to be interviewed.

Do you know someone who is ready to work, meets the following criteria and is willing to be interviewed for an article that will one day be placed in the president's hands?

1) Someone who has been unemployed for more than three months and is looking for an entry level position in any business. They are willing and ready to work.

2) Someone who is a professional with credentials and is hoping for the chance of a lifetime with the company of their dreams. This person must be willing to show how they would really love the chance to showcase their skills.

Age, race, gender or sex is unimportant. The most important thing is to be a US citizen and be READY TO WORK.

If either of these two descriptions mirrors you or someone you know, please reach out to me at Te-Erika@MySavvySisters.Com and introduce yourself with the subject heading UNITED 9 to 5.

I hope you can help me help others.

Thanks in advance!