04/10/2015 03:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Are You the Walking Dead?

There are many among us that are aimlessly searching for things without substance. They are merely living, but existing and settling for the crumbs of the earth and tend to go through life day to day with no desire to go after what it is they truly want. It's time to think outside the box and begin to explore the endless opportunities that await you on the other side.

You are more valuable than rubies and your net worth is more than Donald Trump's fortunes, but you fail to tap into your true potential. You speak lack and those around you lack the motivation to dig you out of the grave that you are in, so you lie there in waiting. The truth is you have to go after what it is that you want. Success is not freely given; you must go get it.

One day as I looked at my reflection in the mirror, I asked myself these three questions.

1. Are you ready to soar Spiritually, Physically, Mentally, and Financially?
2. Do you desire more out of life?
3. Are you ready for God to take you places beyond your education, skill, and or talent?

I answered "Yes!" to all three questions and over the past year God is transforming my life and continues to work miracles as I write this post. I had to increase my faith and believe that I can achieve any goal I set for myself .It comes a time in one's life when you are tired of being average and desire to be excellent. In order to get out of the grave you must make the ultimate decision to get up, get out, and do something that will put you on the path to success.

We can do anything we put our minds to do. It is important that we realize that we have all that we need to be great and as you take the necessary steps towards your dreams God will begin to open doors that no man can shut. The key to becoming a success begins with believing in your vision, remaining consistent, surrounding yourself around like minded individuals that will not only support you, but will not allow you to give up.

There will be days when you feel all hope is lost, but know that you are not alone. Anyone that has become a success at some point or another wanted to throw in the towel. Never give up on the things that you believe in and most importantly trust that if it's God's will it shall come to pass. Speak what you want, believe it, write it down, and prepare yourself to receive what you have been asking for.

Take the time to shut out the noise such as your cell phone, social media, friends, and or family. At times it's best to get away and reflect, but most importantly make time for yourself to recharge. Solitude is important when it comes to making decisions that will not only change your life, but also impact the lives of those around you. It's time for you to live and live your life more abundantly.

Awaken your faith, walk in your purpose, and passionately go after your dreams.