04/01/2014 04:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kick Cancer's Butt

I write this for those all over the world who are experiencing cancer and those who are cancer survivors. As many of you are in search for a cure to wipe cancer off the face of the earth and defeat this ugly disease that has left families all over the world devastated, there is something that you and I can do that may save your life and/or perhaps the life of someone else.

When we think of cancer, the first thing that comes to mind are of those we have lost, whether it be a loved one, a dear friend or maybe your own personal battle with cancer. Life in itself is very short, but we can lead joyful and productive lives by being more in tune with our innermost being and by embracing our journey. One thing that I find that is more rewarding is giving for when you give more you get more out of life and that is what makes this world we live in such a better place. Now, I understand that with cancer come radiation and other side effects which can slow one down and cause you great pain, but for those of you fighting this disease and still have a little fight left inside, know that there is someone that awaits your story.

There are many individuals who have cancer and yet battling another disease of the mind that is called negative thinking, that is slowly killing their dreams, goals, and desire to live. There are people that feed themselves poison by what they choose to listen to, which includes the negative things we tell ourselves. At times those of you with cancer may feel like giving up or in other words throwing in the towel, and for some they call it bargaining with God, but as you read this post today you are still standing and I believe that your journey has a purpose.

Negative thinking can cause anyone to give up and rob themselves of all possibility of ever living their true potential. As a child we all had great imaginations, and for few that believed they were train conductors or pilots of a plane wishing to one day fly all over the world, I thank God for the one that never stopped believing, because that is why we are now able to go all over the world in airplanes and trains, because they were radical enough to believe it was possible. And I believe that your healing is possible, but you must believe and be bold enough to speak what it is that you want.

Your healing starts now! I desire to see your life shift for the better, and in order for that to happen, you must first change your thought process and believe that "All things are possible" Mark 9:23 KJV and that, "You can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens you." Philippians 4:13 KJV. You hold the key to your own success in life, better health, business, and relationships. You will lose your passion for purpose when you fall into negative thinking and/or entertaining the words of those that have spoken death over your present situation and understanding that what you are experiencing now is just another great chapter in a really good book titled, "I SURVIVED."

There may be a few who don't desire for you to win or be successful, but never let that be your focus and speak life over every area no matter what it looks like. My good friend Paris Murphy, a celebrity stylist and CEO of EyeCandy, which was recently featured at this year's Oscars, has experienced cancer firsthand and with radiation, losing a breast, and the scars to show that she survived. Paris testifies that without her unwavering faith, positive thinking, and support of family and close friends she wouldn't still be standing strong to this very day. Murphy was diagnosed in 2012 with cancer, but she never thought to crawl into a shell and prepare to die, yet instead she prepared to fight and shares her journey with the world through social media, speaking publicly, and television.

In 2013, Paris shared her scars from her battle with breast cancer on the hit show Double Divas, which is a reality show featured on Lifetime that focus on fitting women into the right intimate apparel and giving the world a sneak peek into the lives of women that struggle with finding the right bra. Since the show aired, Paris continues to share her journey and has inspired people all over the world. Murphy recently celebrated her 50th birthday, which if she would have allowed negative thoughts to overtake her she probably would not have made it.

At the birthday celebration for Paris she also celebrated other women of Triumph because she recognized that there were more courageous women in the world that went through the same battle, but didn't stop inspiring others to win. At the glamorous event everyone was dressed in Cotton Club attire and paid tribute to Paris for the awesome work she does by spreading awareness about breast cancer.

Below is an excerpt from a poem that was shared with Paris Murphy at her birthday event written by a close friend that witnessed her journey.

Lady of Triumph

"The Lady knows who created her ... beautifully and wonderfully made to withstand all degrees of heat, all speeds of wind and far more than this thing called Cancer."
-- Sherrell Anderson


Breast cancer survivor Paris Murphy, a celebrity stylist and CEO of EyeCandy, pictured here at this year's Oscars.