03/12/2014 01:01 pm ET Updated May 12, 2014

Live Outside the Box

Are you living up to your potential? It is important that you surround yourself with the right individuals that can help you reach your goals and dreams in life. There are many of you that have big dreams, but somewhere along the way something or someone told you that it wasn't possible and you became discouraged. I'm here to encourage and tell you anything is possible if only you believe.

While many are content living in a box there are those that get out each day looking for opportunities and taking the necessary steps to make their dreams a reality. It's time that you to take that leap of faith, but first you must take on a new way of thinking which may not be comfortable at times, but it will be life changing. Picture the life cycle of the butterfly; it starts its development as an egg to then becoming a caterpillar and from there it forms into a chrysalis which then becomes a butterfly. We all at some point or another were captivated by the beauty of the butterfly, but know that it wasn't created over night for it had to go through a process. This is a beautiful example of our life cycle because every cycle of our life isn't beautiful, but after persevering through many trials and disappointments we find the beauty in it.

We all must go through this process called life and live out our true purpose which means stepping out of the old and into the new. Those around you will begin to see a change in your life and for those that don't adapt well to change they may even walk away, but know it's a part of the process. Be patient with those that think differently for they can only give you what's in them to give. Everyone will not agree with the sacrifices you make and they may not be very encouraging,but know in order for limitations or negative words to have power over your life you must give them power. Those that have placed limits on your life have also limited their own abilities and have given up on their dreams. Remember to pay close attention to those that you spend time with because it will also show you where you're headed in the near future, so surround yourself with like minded individuals that also dream big.

I have surrounded myself with the most amazing individuals and they inspire me to dream my biggest dreams while they also go after dreams of their own. We are all like a delicious pot of gumbo and each individual in our life add a little flavor to our journey. Know that we must be careful of what we entertain for your eyes and ears are the gateway to your soul. And no matter how hard it gets keep the word "Can't" out of your vocabulary for your words have the power to change your life. Never agree with those that don't see the bigger picture or in other words your vision as you see it. There is power in agreement and I find that you can't come into agreement with everyone especially when it comes to your visions and dreams. And lastly step out of the box and walk in faith, passion and purpose.