03/21/2012 05:01 pm ET Updated May 21, 2012

"Dude, I Don't Watch That!" -- Five Guilty Pleasures of Women's TV for Men

I love TV. Maybe too much at times. I get excited for fall and spring premiers. I strategically plan out my DVR recordings on two TVs. I feel accomplished when I watch three recorded programs in a night. Maybe it's because I wasn't allowed to watch TV on school nights as a kid. Or maybe, like most Americans, I just watch too much TV. Regardless, I am now entering a new phase in my life -- TV adulthood. No, I'm not watching more "adult" TV (although I do watch the news now). I am 28 and have a serious girlfriend which means I can't watch sports and man programming all the time. I have to compromise on what we watch.

Now I still get to watch all Jets games, most hockey and baseball games and some of my favorite man shows (Archer, Justified, Walking Dead), but I have recently been exposed to what some may call "Lady TV." And I have a revelation for all the men out there -- it's not that bad. Seriously, you can survive some of it. Yeah, I know, you aren't going to record the whole season of Project Runway, but there are some television shows geared at women that are not only acceptable for men, but can actually be a guilty pleasure. So next time your girlfriend/spouse/wife tells you she wants to watch one of her shows, try one of the following...


Premise: A bunch of Broadway big wigs (writers, director, producer) are putting on a musical about Marilyn Monroe and two girls (Broadway Pro & Midwestern Novice) compete for the spotlight.

Why You Should Watch: Yeah, I know it's a Broadway musical, but the show is more focused on everything that goes into making a Broadway musical. It's chock full of backstabbing, double-crossing, sex, impressive music and sultry dancing. It's like Glee, but with adults and a real storyline. Who could ask for more?

Guy Equivalent: Suits (USA)

New Girl

Premise: After a bad breakup with her boyfriend, a very naïve Jess (Zooey Deschanel) moves into a loft with three guys. Crazy antics ensue.

Why You Should Watch: It's absolutely hilarious. And even though the show is focused on über loveable hipster Zooey Deschanel, the supporting cast more than holds their own. Schmidt and all his insane rituals and grooming products steal the scene. And as someone just told me -- "the invention of the douchebag jar has been the greatest thing to happen to TV in the last 20 years."

Guy Equivalent: The League (FX)


Premise: An attractive girl (Emily) moves to the Hamptons and is welcomed into the posh community. Only they all don't know Emily is out to destroy them all as payback for the havoc this posh community unleashed on her family as a kid.

Why You Should Watch: Beware an angry, pretty girl and years of meticulous planning. When you hear a show is set in the Hamptons you think it will be all fluff. This is not the case at all for Revenge. It's a juicy and addictive show with tons of cliffhangers, conspicuous deaths and fancy cocktail parties. The beach scenes don't hurt either...

Guy Equivalent: Justified (FX)

The Real Housewives of... Wherever

Premise: I don't know if these reality shows really have a premise. Take unrealistic, really wealth trophy wives, put them in volatile situations and roll camera.

Why You Should Watch: You ever witness a car accident just about to happen? You instantly get that primal urge of excitement you can't hide. It's just like when a building is demolished. Now bottle that excitement up into an hour-long show with tons of makeup, plastic surgery, money and girl fights. There isn't a plot, but it's just pure entertainment sometime.

Guy Equivalent: Spartacus or anything on Spike TV

Rachel Ray/Giada De Laurentiis Cooking Shows

Premise: Cooking shows, with hot lady chefs (simple right?).

Why You Should Watch: Well the obvious reason to watch is that both ladies are rather attractive and now and then the handling of a vegetable can be rather sexually suggestive. Also, it doesn't hurt to know how to make a good dinner or two for your own lady.

Guy Equivalent: Male cooking shows (Jamie Oliver/Anthony Bourdain)