07/19/2012 06:54 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Travelistas Tour The Beautiful Island Of Barbuda (VIDEO)

Located north of Antigua is the beautiful remote island of Barbuda with a population of about 1,500.

Barbuda is home to pink sand beaches and the Frigate bird sanctuary. I took a luxury catamaran to experience Barbuda's pink sand and warm turquoise waters and was surprised to see how the sand actually became pink. I took a smaller boat to see the magnificent Frigate birds who migrate between Barbuda and the Galapagos islands. These large seasonally monogamous seabirds have an interesting mating ritual that I got to see in action.

After my experience in Barbuda I stopped in at Hemmingway's for lunch, where I tasted the delicious seafood chowder. The menu has a variety of local dishes and some delicious deserts that are irresistible.

I later met up with Andrena Athill, Miss Independence of Antigua & Barbuda who schooled me on Antiguan culture and lingo, and then we hit the town to party!

The nightlife in Antigua is enjoyed by both locals and tourists. In my quest to find the spots where the locals hang, I would run into tourists or medical students from all over the world. The caveat here is that the tourists arrive early, and the locals arrive on time, which was after midnight at club Abracadabra. At Abracadabra, the crowd was fun and everyone was in the mood to party, which always makes for a great time.