12/12/2014 06:31 pm ET Updated Feb 11, 2015

3 Things You Do That Make You Frustrated and Unhappy


This morning you laughed and yesterday you cried, but that's how it goes, right? Ups and downs, smiles and frowns, welcome to the roller coaster called life.

But how well are you handling the twists and turns? What brings you up and what takes you down? Most importantly, what role do you play in your emotional demise?

Sometimes the biggest culprit of your unhappiness is you. If you're ready to get real and make major changes in your life, check out these three common, but crazy things you do that keep you frustrated and unhappy.

1. You Graciously Accept Drama.

When was the last time you got angry, just because someone got angry at you? How many times have you stressed out over what someone said or what someone did?

Routinely allowing others to frustrate you is not only unwise, it's dysfunctional. It's like sending out an invitation, inviting drama into your life. One thing I have learned is when drama knocks, don't answer. Don't let it sit on your coach, lay in your bed or talk on your phone. Don't let it break you down, contaminate your joy or disrupt your life.

Protect your peace. We lock doors to protect our homes. We have alarms to protect our cars. We even use passwords to protect our phones. Yet, do we protect our peace? Often times we don't and therefore, whoever and whatever wreaks havoc on our bliss. But when you reject foolishness and abandon chaos, happiness thrives.

2. You Abuse Yourself.

I know -- abuse sounds ugly, and perhaps grotesque, yet many of us engage in it everyday. Believe it or not, the average person is in an abusive relationship with themselves and don't even know it.

The inability to say no, living without discipline, accepting mistreatment, posting selfies for attention (constantly), unhealthy eating, the inability to be alone and living beneath your potential are all forms of abuse. It's a form of self-bullying that breeds unhappiness and frustration.

One of the most powerful things you can do is shift from self sabotage to self love. Love every roll, wrinkle and spot. Love what you have and love what you don't. Find gratitude in the most challenging times and watch your life dramatically improve.

3. You Marry Intention and Divorce Action.

Is this you? Are you always talking the talk but not walking the walk?

Intention oriented people already have New Year's resolutions dancing in their head. They have big changes to make and lots of goals to achieve. Their outlook for 2015 is fabulous and grand. A study in Forbes revealed 40 percent of Americans make New Years resolutions, but only 8 percent achieve them.

Why? Most people are stuck in the cycle of intention. They intend to do things but they never actually do. The problem is intention without action yields nothing. When your intention is not in alignment with action, frustration occurs. It's hard to be happy when you constantly seek goals but don't reach them.

Do yourself a favor and commit to following though. Write that book. Start your business. Put down the fork and pick up the weights. Whatever you want, go get it. Divorce intention and commit to action. I'm a firm believer that taking action every day keeps the sadness away.

Rewriting Your Script...You Deserve It

No matter what, you deserve to be happy and live a joy filled life. Now is the time to commit to choices that build you up, versus tear you down. Smile bigger, laugh harder and take your power back. Are you ready to do it?

Start by eliminating the crazy things you do that make you frustrated and unhappy.