05/09/2014 05:09 pm ET Updated Jul 09, 2014

Ohio Rights Group Feels Good About Signature Gathering Efforts

Campaigners for legalizing marijuana for medical dedications in Ohio believe they've successfully gathered more than enough signatures that are required in order to have their measure placed on November's ballot.

The bill's backers strategically placed hundreds of signature gatherers at precincts throughout the state on primary election day.

"We targeted precincts that had highest voter turnout in past elections," explained Mary Jane Borden of the Ohio Rights Group. "The Secretary of State's office has that list and there was an element of targeting to our methods."

If the group wants their issue on November's ballot, they'll need to collect 385,000 signatures from valid registered Ohio voters by July 5.

As with all signature gathering efforts, it's better to collect more signatures than necessary in order to reach that magic number of legitimacy.

Although the Ohio Rights Group wouldn't reveal any petition counts as of yet, they feel they've surpassed the number of signatures that they expected to amass.

"There were hundreds of volunteers out there today," Mary Jane avowed. "We've got thousands of petitions right now that are out there that are making their way back in. By the time we get them counted, I believe we will have exceeded our expectations for the day."

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