11/17/2014 05:49 pm ET Updated Jan 17, 2015

The Most Beautiful Remote Destinations Worth The Trek

It's a small world and it seems to be shrinking all the time.

We're now well into 2014 and there isn't much left on earth that hasn't been poked, prodded and probed by the human race. Aside from the deepest depths of the ocean, there aren't many places left that are total and complete mysteries.

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Combine this knowledge of the planet with the reach of the internet and there aren't many limits on what the average person can explore while parked on their living room couch. Should they wish to explore in person, air travel is now an affordable option for much of the population and travel information is widely available.

Beautiful Remote Destinations Worth the Trek

With scores of tourists now traversing sites that were once nearly desolate, what is the adventurous explorer left to do? One somewhat obvious answer: go where others either can't or won't go. We've rounded up eight of the most beautiful remote destinations on earth, guaranteed to be spectacularly beautiful, well preserved and still somewhat mysterious. If you've got the time, funds and an explorer's drive, check out these remote destinations.

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-Diana Gerstacker, The Active Times

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