09/21/2010 02:55 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Energy Boosts at Work

You know that 2:30 feeling? Or 3:30 or 4:30? Have you seen that commercial? I think it's an amazing commercial because I knew exactly what they were talking about from the very first sentence. That tiredness, that desire to nap, that kind of lethargy that demands an Oscar-worthy performance to pretend that you are really interested in whatever meeting you are in. Oh, I remember that 2:30 feeling all right, and it doesn't only happen at 2:30. It's just that I would rather do a couple simple but powerful "natural" energy boosters than take a shot of some secret liquid in a little red bottle that seems to contain the equivalent amount of caffeine as 75 cups of coffee.

So here are a couple powerful energizers that you can do no matter when you get that 2:30 feeling.

1. Have a shake with an ounce of bounce. Now this recipe is literal. Simply stand in a comfortable position and start to bounce up and down. Relax your muscles and gently start to shake your arms. Increase your shaking and bouncing levels as desired, maybe move your arms up and down, here it comes ... go ahead and bounce to the side, oh, no you didn't! We've even seen some of the bouncing enthusiasts, you know, the true adrenaline junkies throw a spin in there -- that's right, bouncing and spinning at the same time (they call themselves "Spinouncers"). And while "spinouncing" is not for everyone "bouncing" certainly is. However there are some pretty serious side affects:

• An increase in muscular strength
• Improved posture, balance and coordination
• Revitalized vision and better mental functioning
• Reduction in stress level and control over addictions
• Improvement in the blood, lungs and all the internal organs
• Slowing down the aging process and relief of pain
• Elimination of toxins from the body, weight loss and an overall sense of well being

2. Take a BW, or even better, a BWO. That's right I'm referring to a brisk walk, or a brisk walk outside.

Even five minutes of a BW/BWO can recharge your batteries for the next several hours.

The ideal brisk walking speed is fast enough to appear that you definitely have somewhere important to go, but slow enough that you don't look like someone should be chasing after you.

Again, pretty serious side affects:

• Improves: posture, muscle strength, flexibility and overall attractiveness (yes walking is sexy)
• Increases: circulation, energy, alertness and mental prowess (you won't believe how much easier sudoku is for a brisk walker)
• Decreases: Stress! Ever noticed when you are on a particularly tense phone call, you naturally start to walk around? (And while I don't have a Harvard study to back that up, just try sitting still the next time you find yourself on one -- simply not possible.

• Reduces: chance of osteoporosis, colon cancer, constipation, depression, back pain and arthritis, and most importantly, the risk of having to hang out with anyone you don't want to. Caught in an uncomfortable situation? "Excuse me I need to do a quick BW/ BWO," and off you go. Not only do you have the ultimate excuse, but you get the added benefit of using a chic unknown acronym that will immediately raise your coolness factor with the air of mystery that it brings.

So, what have we learned? That it would be great to get rid of that 2:30 feeling and every other ailment we experience by drinking some magic elixir, or taking some pill, but that isn't how being truly healthy works. The magic that we need doesn't come from the laboratory. It comes from inside our selves. That feeling is often just a sign for us to get moving, literally. So, the next time you want a little more bounce in your step, give one of these two power boosters a shot.

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