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Amazing Desserts Around the World You've Never Heard Of

Whether you're a food fanatic or just have a very sweet tooth, you probably enjoy a good dessert. We're all familiar with the delights of a baked apple pie, or even more international dishes like Italian tiramisu, or Asian green-tea ice cream. But some desserts are still fairly unknown on the global menu even though they are famous in their countries of origin.

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Some desserts use ingredients that are not easy to come by like attap chee in the Singaporean delicacy ais kacang. Others, like tavuk göğsü from Turkey, use traditional ingredients in surprising ways. Even right here in the U.S., some dessert combinations are as imaginative as they are popular, like the cherpumple from the West Coast.

  • 1 Martabak — Yemen, Indonesia
    These chocolate and cheese pancakes originated as a street food in Saudi Arabia and its immense popularity soon spread across the Arab world and into Southeast Asia. In Indonesia there are two varieties, a sweet and savory. The sweet version is a thick fluffy pancake filled with chocolate and cheese and topped with crushed peanuts, chocolate rice, and jam. Click Here to see More Amazing Desserts You’ve Never Heard OfPhoto Credit: © Flickr / fitri agung
  • 2 Ais Kacang — Malaysia and Singapore
    This traditional Malaysian dish, also served in Singapore and Brunei, was originally popular as street food but is now served everywhere from stalls to restaurants to ice cream parlors. It essentially shaved ice with red beans, attap chee (palm seed), sweet corn, grass jelly, and topped with both condensed and coconut milk. It's a multicolored explosion of sweet flavors and the perfect snacking dessert for a hot summer's day. Photo Credit: © Flickr / ImipolexG
  • 3 Crème de Abacate — Brazil
    Avocados are plentiful in Brazil and there's no reason they should be reserved for just savory dishes. This treat is an avocado cream pudding — mashed up avocados with milk and sugar. It's often garnished with coconut shavings and lime wedges and is served hot and cold (though more traditionally cold) year-round. Photo Credit: © Flickr / Maria Regina CarrieroClick Here to see More Amazing Desserts You’ve Never Heard Of
  • 4 Firni — India
    Also known as Phirni, this is a traditional North Indian rice pudding with saffron, cardamom, and nuts. The pudding is usually speckled yellow and orange from the saffron, which also gives it an aromatic and spicy quality. Often a fruit pulp (usually mango) is added for more flavor. Photo Credit: © Flickr / Kirti Poddar
  • 5 Sultan’s Golden Cake — Istanbul
    It's not only delicious but it's also the most expensive cake in the world. Served in the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul, this dessert takes 72 hours to prepare and contains figs, quince, apricot, and pears that have been drowned in Jamaican rum for two years. The topping contains caramel, black truffles and decadent gold leaf (yes, real gold leaf). Click Here to see More Amazing Desserts You’ve Never Heard OfPhoto Credit: Ciragan Palace, Kempinski

Many of the world's most amazing desserts are well traveled, traversing continents and cultures while picking-up new flavors along the way. Some of the most complex desserts originated in the Middle East. Adapted from old European dishes but with interesting new regional flavors, the dishes began as street foods before spreading across the world as far as Southeast Asia.

Today many of these decadent desserts are enjoyed in both restaurants and home kitchen but one dessert is so richly decadent that it's only served in one hotel restaurant in the world, though it may be worth traveling for if you can afford it.

-Serusha Govender, The Daily Meal

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