03/24/2015 12:00 pm ET Updated May 24, 2015

America's Best Hangover Dishes

Jack n' Jill's Too

Tasty reasons to get up after a big night out on the town

Hangover cures are like hiccup cures -- everyone has a theory about what works best. And with St. Patrick's Day having passed, there's no time like the present to start planning a post-festivities recovery strategy.

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The online, ahem, "literature" about what constitutes the best hangover cures consists of all kinds of baloney:

Eat bananas... Peanut butter! No, prickly pear juice! Coconut water! Drink coffee... Don't drink coffee! If you do drink coffee, drink a lot of water! Eat fried foods! But only before drinking, not after.

Have a little hair of the dog. Try a Prairie Oyster... Stop, drinking again is the worst thing to do -- it causes alcohol dependency. Eat burned toast... No, drink sports drinks!

Take Advil... Don't take Advil! It will explode your liver. Take aspirin. B-6. B-12. Rosiglitazone... No, Berocca.

For many, food is the best cure -- something to make you feel better, whether it's mental or not. There are the boring options -- cheesy pastas, egg platters -- but there are intriguing ones, too. Read on to see the list of best hair-of-the-dog dishes in The Daily Meal's featured cities.

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-Maryse Chevriere,The Daily Meal

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