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Famous Drinks from Your Favorite Movies

2013-10-31-2blues_brothers__facebook_promo.jpgEveryone has a favorite drink they order over and over again when they're at the bar. These drinks become your "signature" when you're out with friends, and everyone knows exactly what to order you if they want to buy a round. And celebrities, as well as the beloved characters they play on screen, have their favorite drinks, too. (Photo Credit:

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Everyone knows that James Bond likes his martini shaken, not stirred. And The Dude would obviously have you order him a White Russian if you were buying him a drink. The Blues Brothers would declare "Three Orange Whips!" so you would take it upon yourself to do so for them while they're hitting on the girl across the bar.

But before The Dude ordered his signature White Russian, it's a safe bet that not everyone knew what the drink was. And you can imagine the influx in martinis ordered when James Bond first came on the scene. And there's the Vesper, a drink that had been around for a while but one that Casino Royale certainly made even more famous. These days, you'd be hard-pressed to find a bartender who doesn't know how to make the fabled cocktail. Then there's Suntory Whiskey, which gained some popularity when Bill Murray's character ordered it in Lost in Translation.

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You get where we're going here. There are hundreds of drinks that popular movie characters have ordered over the years in film history, but we came up with a list of 12 great cocktails -- and their recipes -- that famous characters have ordered and have since gained a pretty strong following.
So think about watching your favorite old-school movie and hunkering down with one of these cocktails. Or better yet, create a drinking game that forces you to drink a martini, a French 75, or a White Russian whenever the drink is ordered in the movie! The options are endless when it comes to these classic cocktails and their cinematic counterparts.

-Juliet Tierney, The Daily Meal

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Famous Drinks from Your Favorite Movies