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Diet-Busting Fast Food Iced Coffees

2012-05-15-bk_seattles_best_iced_coffee.jpgIt seems like some sort of cruel joke that the warm-weather season's tastiest drinks -- thick and creamy milkshakes, rich blended frappes, and the like -- can be some of the biggest threats to your swimsuit figure (Photo Credit:

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In the coffee category, at least, one has the sensible choice of a simple iced coffee to satisfy the craving for a cool quencher. According to a story on, "A straight-up iced coffee (with skim milk, which you might have to specify) is, of course, the skinniest sip -- most of the 16-ounce varieties deliver less than 100 calories."

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But before you get all excited and go ordering iced coffees off every menu you come across, remember that not all of them are good low-calorie options -- typical iced coffee add-ins and toppings like flavored syrups, whole milk, and whipped cream can make your drink's calorie count skyrocket in no time at all.

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Not surprisingly, some of the biggest iced coffee calorie bombs can be found at your local fast-food joint or chain coffee shop. Some of the selections on this list, for example, are the calorie equivalents of a couple of doughnuts or a medium-sized order of french fries. Read on to find out which indulgent fast-food iced coffees you might want to avoid.

- Maryse Chevriere, The Daily Meal

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Diet-Busting Fast-Food Iced Coffees