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Fermented Shark and More of the World's Stinkiest Foods

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One of the beautiful things about food is the way it smells. Whether we're dining at a restaurant or cooking at home, the smell of meat roasting in the oven or pasta sauce simmering on the stove stimulates our appetites and gives us gustatory pleasure before we take the first bite.

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But not all food smells as wonderful as it tastes. Not all food makes our stomachs grumble in anticipation of the meal the lies ahead. Some foods, though they might actually be surprisingly tasty, assault our sense of smell. Some foods are so stinky, in fact, that they make our stomachs turn and can deter even the most adventurous of eaters (Andrew Zimmern, we're looking at you).

Cheese can be one of the most, er, aromatic foods out there, and one cheese in particular on our list has been officially named the smelliest cheese in the world by experts. But cheese is hardly alone.

When I lived in South Korea, I can remember the dread that would start to consume me each day as the lunchtime neared. The instant I'd walk through the cafeteria doors, the smell would hit me like a ton of bricks: Kimchi, and lots of it. Kimchi, fermented cabbage, is surprisingly delicious, but the uniniated need to look (or should we say taste?) beyond the stench in order to enjoy it (and reap the benefits of its supposed otherworldly powers).

Did you know that some foods smell so bad they are banned from public transport in certain countries? That's right, folks. Try bringing durian fruit onto a train in Singapore or into a taxi in Thailand, and you may land yourself with a fine.

So pin your nose shut if you have to (luckily, our list doesn't have scratch and sniff capabilities), and dive into some of the world's smelliest foods.

The Stinkiest Foods in the World

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-Alexandra E. Petri, The Daily Meal

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