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Foods That Are Better Outside the U.S.

American food has a dubious reputation across the globe for being woefully over-processed (and therefore a touch on the tasteless side), yet also soaked in butter, oil and salt... in other words, "fake flavor." Now that's not to say there isn't any great regional food in the U.S., because there certainly is if you're willing to search it out -- but by and large, there are many foods enjoyed widely in the U.S. that simply aren't as great as they are in other countries.

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There are several reasons for this: certain foods, like döner kebabs and noodles, originate in other parts of the world (in Turkey and Asia respectively) and were conceived with certain ingredients and food products in mind, often not indigenously available in the U.S., and so the American versions either use substituted ingredients or ones that are dried and imported -- both of which change the flavor of the original dish. Though it is often a point of contention, many argue that the overseas version is simply a lot better than its American counterpart.

Foods That Are Better Outside the U.S.

Another reason has to do with the actual fresh products in the States: genetically modified corn and soybeans dominate the U.S. market -- while the government does vouch for the safety of GM crops, many argue that the process makes the foods more tasteless and less nutritious.

American beef, too, is getting the short end of the stick -- general bovine stock in the U.S. is enhanced with growth hormones, which are transferred to the meat and milk that we consume. Stricter agricultural regulations in Europe ensure less or no hormones are given to cattle. Then there's the use of pesticides in crop farming.. Again, it's different in the U.S. than in other parts of the world and that affects the quality of the products produced.

Then there's the obvious effect that culture has on food -- the U.S. is a cultural melting pot of different peoples and palates, and while most people brought their favorite local dishes and flavors with them as a way of keeping their cultural heritage alive, there's no arguing that the flavors changed over time. Compared to the original version, many find the American counterparts to be watered-down.

American food certainly has its high points, but there are just some foods that are a lot better outside the U.S.... read on to find out more about them.

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-Serusha Govender, The Daily Meal

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