09/09/2013 05:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Cheat (and Win) at Drinking Games

2013-08-29-mainbeerpongwolfvsard.jpgWe don't know what it is about the fall -- maybe the fresh scent of falling leaves, the cooler temperatures, the back-to-school feel in the air -- that makes us want to drink all the beer. Just kidding, we just really like drinking games. And now that college football season is just around the corner, naturally, we had to remind ourselves just how to play all of our favorite drinking games. (Credit: Flickr/ wolfsvard)

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Obviously, at your tailgates and parties this season, you'll be thrown into a situation where you don't know the drinking game. And that's OK. But let's be real, you've got to master the basics of certain drinking games you'll find at every party. So we scoured the Internet and asked our college-aged sources (the true experts, after all) just how to nail that round of your all-time favorite drinking games: beer pong, flip cup, and King's Cup. All in the name of good journalism, of course.

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Check out our tricks and tips for winning (OK, and maybe cheating) at the most popular drinking games. We promise, 68 percent of the time, they'll work every time. (What we can't account for, obviously, are your alcohol levels when playing. So you know, if you do lose, don't blame us -- blame the booze.)

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- Marcy Franklin, The Daily Meal

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How to Win (and Cheat) at Every Drinking Game