04/12/2014 01:44 pm ET Updated Jun 11, 2014

Surprising Drinking Rituals Around the World

In this country, we're no strangers to drinking, and neither are countries around the world -- so much so that drinking has become a ritualistic pastime. In fact, some drinking rituals may surprise you.

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When traveling from country to country, you'll likely to discover that each have their own customs -- sometimes quirky -- when it comes to drinking and getting belligerent.
Swedes will sing a drinking song before, during and after each round of shots of aquavit, which are followed by a glass of beer. As the shots keep coming, the singing gets louder and more enthusiastic.

The Dutch style of drinking genever, a kind of flavored whiskey, is to do it by "head butting." To do this, they pour chilled genever in a tulip glass until the drink reaches the very tip of the rim. Bending from the waist, they take a sip, then straighten up and follow with a sip of beer. The "head butt" is repeated until the drink is gone.

Russians have a habit of giving long, story-like toasts with a punch line. And when they've finished a drink, empty glasses go under the table, not on top.

Read on for more surprising drinking rituals you may have never heard of.

-- Haley Williard, The Daily Meal

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9 Surprising Drinking Rituals Around the World