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The Best American Restaurants Outside the States

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Let's face it. Even when we are on the road, jetsetting our way across Europe or Asia or wherever our wanderlust may take us, it is hard not to miss certain comforts of home. Sometimes we may wish for our own beds to sleep in or a strong shower that doesn't trickle its way down from the showerhead when our hair is lathered up in shampoo. And other times we may just be craving a taste of home.

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Unfortunately, it is hard to duplicate mom's famous meatloaf recipe, but that doesn't stop us from day-dreaming about that good old American fare that our stomachs just can't do without.

Sure, noodles can be fantastically fresh and curries can give us that kick our palates have been missing. Bowls of pasta can be mouth-wateringly amazing and trying bizarre foods is an adventure in itself, but still -- it is hard to go too long without a juicy cheeseburger smack between the fluffiest bun, or a bowl of nachos and homemade guac you never want to end.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and at times we will succumb to ordering that Big Mac at McDonald's or going for some chicken wings at Hooter's (yes, there are plenty of international Hooter's locations) just to subdue those cravings when they strike.

But fast food joints and chain restaurants are not the only answer.

With all of the ex-pats living and working abroad, there are plenty of American-style restaurants and dining options in countries all over the world. Some cities may offer a wider range of options than others, but nonetheless it is entirely possible to find a quick food fix for when those bouts of homesickness hit and your stomach goes hollow for an American-style breakfast.

From the perfect brunch spot in Rome where you can order freshly scrambled eggs to pile on to your French toast to a deep-dish pizza joint in Hong Kong whose pizzas channels the Windy City's specialities, this is our list of some of the best American-style restaurants around the world.

Best American Restaurants Outside the States

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-Alexandra E. Petri, The Daily Meal

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