04/11/2014 12:36 pm ET Updated Jun 11, 2014

The Best Frozen Pizzas Money Can Buy

There is an art form to making great pizza. The crust must be perfect, the sauce perfectly flavored, and the cheese evenly distributed. All of these elements must be distinguishable from one another but blend perfectly. Everyone has a reliable pizzeria they go to in their neighborhood to satisfy those requirements. Some are even willing to travel miles to experience it somewhere else. Gourmet pizza is a precious culinary gift, but sometimes it isn't always easily attained.

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Whether you are hard up for cash, trying to feed the kids a quick lunch, or need to feed a crowd fast, frozen pizza is always there to save the day. But which frozen pizza, if you are going to serve it, is worth the buy? We already told you which pizza is the healthiest and while that is important, when it comes to a once in a while indulgence, taste reigns supreme. So in order to find out which frozen pizza brand satisfied that craving the best, we sought out to taste some of the top brands in your freezer aisle.

The Best Frozen Pizzas

In our double kitchen ovens, we calculated the happy medium temperature and time each of the pizzas needed to cook. We lined the trays with foil, and secretly marked which brand belonged to each pizza. Then, after each pizza was cooked to perfection, we unloaded the trays, piping hot and ready for tasting. Classics like Ellio's frozen pizza were pitted against more "gourmet" pizza brands like Whole Foods and Trader Joe's to see if nostalgia or genuine flavor appreciation would win out. Our blind tasters took the crust, sauce and cheese into consideration and gave each pizza a score, which was later tallied and averaged to discover the top frozen pizza pie. To find out who our pizza champ is, click through our slideshow!

-Lauren Gordon, The Daily Meal

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