The Best NFL Stadiums for Craft Beer

Beer is to football as oxygen is to life, right?
09/06/2013 01:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

2013-09-06-greenbayyuan2003.jpgBeer is to football as oxygen is to life, right? After all, a cold beer goes hand in hand with the tailgates, hot dogs, and body paint that make up the NFL season. With the kickoff of the NFL season just around the corner, we had to know: which stadium has the best craft beer selection?ᅡᅠ(Credit: Flickr/ yuan2003)

Granted, it isn't so easy to find these elusive craft beers at the 32 stadiums across the country. In case you were unaware, big beer sort of has a lockdown on the NFL -- and any other major league sport. (At least we get some amusing Budweiser commercials during the Super Bowl out of it.) So unless you're tailgating with a great craft beer in hand (we're particularly indebted to for giving us the most in-depth guide to the craft breweries nearby each stadium), you most likely have to suck it up and hand over the big bucks for a beer.ᅡᅠ

But if you're willing to take a bit of a hike during the gameᅡᅠ-- obviously, we recommend doubling up on beer orders to make up for lost timeᅡᅠ-- and search, certain NFL stadiums will have the local craft beer you're craving. In fact, stadiums now are hearing the craft beer cry and building in beer gardens and craft beer "houses" to provide dozen of local taps. That makes game day just a bit more exciting for the beer lover.

Of course, it goes without saying that you'll be paying up to get a better beer. Last year's researchᅡᅠshowed that an "average" beer at the stadium cost $7.28, up $0.15 from 2011. And this year, the winner of the most expensive beer at the game goes to the San Diego Chargers. But in making our list, we left price aside and researched how many craft beers were on tap, and how accessible they were to the public. After all, circling the stadium for a beer can make for an exhausting beer run. Still, we know which stadiums are now on our bucket list for the craft beer lover in us.

- Marcy Franklin, The Daily Meal

The Best NFL Stadiums for Craft Beer