11/03/2013 03:59 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

The World's Most Unusual Theme Restaurants

Going out for dinner -- with friends, family, or maybe on a date -- is a great way to spruce up your workweek, or celebrate the weekend. We all have our own taste in restaurants, from fine dining to fast-casual and from sushi to pasta, but for some diners, the "regular" dining scene is just not enough.

Unusual Themed Restaurants

Around the world, different themed restaurants have opened up, some more outrageous than others. For those seeking an out-of-the-box dining experience, there are many intriguing options. In New York City, you can enjoy a Japanese dinner served to you by ninjas, who will drop down from the ceiling to show their best ninja kicks. To get to the dining room, diners will also have to walk through a labyrinth, which is supposed to resemble a Japanese mountain village. In Tokyo, courageous diners can step into the scene of a prison hospital for dinner, and in Ukraine, you can dine inside the world's largest coffin (as long as you don't suffer from claustrophobia, as the giant tomb has no windows).

But not all themed restaurants aim to give diners a scare. In Vienna, a cat café has opened to let animal lovers sip their coffee while surrounded by cats, and if you're looking to dine à la Alice in Wonderland, a themed restaurant in Tokyo takes you to the scene with a Mad Hatter Tea Room where all the servers dress like Alice.

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So next time you feel like doing something different for your dinner out, take a minute to scroll through our list of unusual, bizarre, and intriguing themed restaurants.

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-Elsa Säätelä, The Daily Meal

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