01/09/2015 03:43 pm ET Updated Mar 11, 2015

Why Stovetop Mac and Cheese Is So Much Better Than Baked

Macaroni and cheese is undoubtedly one of the greatest foods ever created. For better or worse, it's the cheesy goodness you crave; after a long day, breaking up with bae, or even acing that ridiculous trig exam, mac and cheese is how you deal with life.

But there are two very different types of mac and cheese: stovetop and oven-baked. I'm here to tell you that stovetop is the unrivaled best macaroni and cheese option.

It's faster. When you hear the call of the siren that is mac and cheese, faster is better. Boil water, cook pasta, make roux, add cheese, and combine the two for happiness in a bowl. What's the point of doing all that and then sticking this perfectly cooked masterpiece in the oven? There is none. This step was created by masochists.

It's velvety smooth. That roux you just whipped up? It pretty much guarantees rich, creamy, and smooth macaroni and cheese. BRB, drooling.

No Fillers. I'm looking at you, breadcrumbs. You're a waste of space and get in the way of the smooth, melted cheese we worked so hard to create. Even worse, you tear up the tops of mouths everywhere.

Go forth and make mac and cheese the right way. Find our most popular macaroni and cheese recipes here.

Julie Ruggirello is the Recipe Editor at The Daily Meal and spends a good portion of her work day daydreaming of stovetop mac and cheese perfection. Follow her on Twitter @TDMRecipeEditor.

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-Julie Ruggirello, The Daily Meal

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