07/29/2010 10:40 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nobody's Actually From LA? Yeah, Except These 10,000 Famous People

Ever wonder who is actually from L.A.? Here at The Daily Truffle, we do not.

We all grew up here and can explain all the inside minutia from Jewish vs. Wasp country clubs to old timers vs. nouveau to Brentwood vs. Harvard-Westlake to Aspen vs. the Kahala for Christmas... Picture L.A. as you would any small town -- of course the local butcher is a studio head and the kids hanging out at the gas station have Range Rovers or parents on TV... but for us that's home. If I could pull up the lattice of L.A. people and L.A. families anywhere at any time, someone new to town (Sometimes we call them FOBs -- sorry!!) it might look something like the final scenes in Fight Club when everyone's in on the deal. Read on to see our who's who of kids from L.A.

Notebale L.A. Natives, Alumni & Royalty

  • Adam Goldstein aka “DJ AM” (Beverly) - DJ, friend ~ RIP

  • Adam Iscove (Brentwood) - lead singer for All Rise

  • Adam Moonves ~ Nightlife promoter and entrepreneur, dad is Les Moonves

  • Adam Shankman  (Windward) - director, judge on So You Think You Can Dance, produced the 82nd Academy Awards

  • Ahmet Zappa (Country Day School) – book author, producer of Jim Henson's upcoming Fraggle Rock movie, principle for Disney’s Kingdom Comics

  • Alan Maman aka “The Alchemist” (Beverly '95) - hip hop producer, DJ and rapper

  • Alden Ehrenreich – actor, discovered at a friend’s bat mitzvah reception by Steven Spielberg (Crossroads '08)

  • Alex Kurtzman (Crossroads) -   go-to screenwriter for mega-budget fare along with his writing partner Roberto Orci, producer – Star Trek (200) and the Star Trek sequel

  • Alex Olsen - skater, son of Steve Olsen –way important skater and artist

  • Alexandra Kyle (Crossroads) - TV actress

  • Alyson Hannigan (North Hollywood High) - actress

  • Alyssa Milano (actress, Buckley) – actress, Who’s the Boss, Charmed

  • Amanada Zuckerman – (mountaineer, philanthropist, daughter of Pose Zuckerman – founding member of Brentwood Country Club)

  • Amber Tamblyn (North Hollywood High) - actress

  • Amy Pascal (Crossroads) - Co-Chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment

  • Amie Osbourne – (daughter of Ozzie Osbourne, opted out of doing the Osbourne reality show)

  • Anders Eisner (Harvard-Westlake) - son of Michael Eisner, founder of Activate water

  • Andrew Luster (Windward) - part Max Factor's family

  • Andrew von Oeyen (Crossroads) - classical pianist

  • Angelina Jolie (Beverly) - actress

  • Anna Paquin (Windward) - actress, currently on “True Blood”

  • Ashley Hamilton – actor, all around cool guy, dad is George Hamilton

  • Ashley Olsen (Campbell Hall ’04) - actress, ”Full House,” style icon

  • Ashley Paige - known for her custom knit bikinis

  • Austin Croshere (Crossroads) – NBA player most recently played for Spurs

  • Autumn Whitaker (Pilgrim School '10) – attended this year’s Balle de Crillon in Paris, daughter of Forrest Whitaker

  • Ayda Field (Harvard-Westlake) - TV soap actress, dating Robbie Williams

  • Azura Skye (Brentwood School) - actress
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