12/27/2012 04:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Denver's Biggest, Stupidest Stories of 2012

The falling bear -- a 2012 mascot.

What say you, 2012? Along with reviewing the big, important Colorado headlines, Jared and Ron look back fondly at the many ridiculous, overblown, laughable, stupido news stories of the year.


2012 has taught us many vital things. The Front Range needs to start actually caring about mountain wildfires. The homeless camping ban wasn't as bad as predicted. That politicians play hard-to-get when it comes to marijuana policy. And that the Aurora theater shooting and Jessica Ridgeway kidnapping taught us...well, fuck.

Lots of other stuff happened in 2012. Tim Tebow? He happened. That blackface kid getting dismissed from school controversy. That happened. Also, Doug Lamborn child porn, drunk Rep. Laura Bradford, Corey Donahue nut tap, popcorn lung win and ugly Jerry Garcia mural outrage -- all of it really, really happened!

(But that photo of the Boulder bear falling thing? Not so sure.)

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MUSICAL BREAK: "Fires of 2012" by Ryan Michael Redders