02/14/2013 01:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Exploring Denver's New Dinosaur-Themed Hotel With Greg and Meredith Tally

Greg Tally, dinosaur hunter.

Dinosaurs. Hell mustangs. Mad scientists. Folky cello players.


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This week, Joel, Vanessa and Jared turn the Denver Diatribe into one of those awesome Saturday-afternoon Syfy movies where '80s C-list actors battle it out against bad-CGI monsters. It's all thanks to Greg and Meredith Tally of the Best Western Denver Southwest. You know, the folks turning their hotel into a dinosaur resort. And who helped bankroll a museum for science superhero Nikola Tesla. And who just had an entire cartoon in "The Oatmeal" dedicated to them. Yeah, those guys.

Somehow, the crew also finds time to dissect the Judgmental Denver map, celebrate the Lumineers" world domination and ruminate over whether it's time to put the DIA blue mustang sculpture out to pasture in some far corner of Hell once and for all.