08/18/2014 12:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

13 Stages of Getting Engaged

By Jessica Zaleski for

A lot of times it feels like people just get engaged overnight. But when you decide you want to marry your partner, it might seem like the whole getting engaged process takes forever. It's not as simple as him catching you browsing The Knot and then getting down on one knee. Here are 13 stages you may go through when getting engaged.

1. You realize you're with the perfect man.
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2. You start leaving "hints" around the house, like magazine pages with rings you love.
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3. When you watch wedding shows on TV, you start saying things like, "Oh! They've been together as long as we have!"
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4. When he asks you to go out to a nice dinner...
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5. call your friends to tell them it's happening TONIGHT!
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6. You go get a manicure so you can take the perfect ring selfie...
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7. ...and spend a lot of time getting ready.
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8. ...But it doesn't happen at dinner.
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9. You daydream about just running off and marrying Ryan Gosling instead.
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10. But then, it happens when you least expect it!
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11. You're engaged!
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12. You call up all of your friends and family...
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13. ...and then realize you have a wedding to plan!
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