10/16/2014 02:34 pm ET Updated Dec 16, 2014

An Open Letter to the Koch Brothers


Mr. David Koch and Mr. Charles Koch,

Our names are Joyce and Karen Koch. We share the same last name as you but we're not related. In fact, we could not have come from more different backgrounds.

Like many who are attuned to politics in America today, we're well aware of the enormous sums of money you spend to influence both politics and policy. You obviously have some very strong beliefs, but we, and countless other Americans just don't understand where you're coming from.

So we have a simple suggestion: Come out from behind the curtain, stop hiding behind your money and engage the American people in an honest debate about your vision for the country.

Our democracy is built on an inclusive foundation where every voice counts, no matter how much money you have. We believe that at its core, our political system is strongest when we engage with our neighbors and speak freely of our values. And we believe the vast majority of Americans agree.

This is why it's important you stop hiding and show your faces around the country.

Visit a community college. Speak to someone who works in fast food. Ask a hotel maid what it's like to work for tips. Heck, go to a barbershop and ask each customer how they're doing in this economy.

What you'll quickly learn is that improving our country means improving the lives of more than a few billionaires like yourselves. It's about making sure every family has enough food to eat, every abled person can get a job, and every job pays a living wage.

If you did this you might learn a thing or two. Such as what workers really think about the minimum wage. How much single mothers appreciate affordable health care. And how seniors cherish the promise of Social Security.

Don't just let your money do the thinking.

So start doing some fact-finding. And if you do stop hiding, we'd love to meet you both. We would love to get a better understanding of why you think your political agenda will improve our country. We could talk about our differences and maybe even find areas where we agree. Sure, we're just two regular women, but the whole country is ready to hear from you. Not your money, you.


Karen Koch & Joyce Koch