04/09/2014 02:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Are You an Agent of Our Wage Gap?

You're a manager. You work day and night to ensure the success of your team.

You care. The last thing you would ever do is consciously compensate your team members unfairly based on their gender, sexual orientation or color of their skin.

But are you implicitly perpetrating the wage gap on your own team? On this National Equal Pay Day, here's a simple exercise that can help you identify where you stand. You'll need a spreadsheet on your device or a simple pen and piece of paper:

Step 1: Create a list of the people on your team who you manage, ranked in order of performance from best downwards.

Step 2: Create a column next to this list that measures the dollar value that this person brings to the company, however closely you can approximate it.

Step 3: Create an additional column with each person's total compensation value.

Step 4: Create an additional column with the last time each person asked for a raise or for more responsibility.


Step 5: Look over this map you have created; where do the largest distances exist between value brought to the company and total compensation?

Step 6: Look over this map you have created; how do these distances relate to the gender of the person on your team?

Step 7: Look over this map you have created; what patterns do you see overall among the female and male high performers you have listed relative to their compensation?

To understand how your compensation or that of your team stacks up against national averages, or learn more about Equal Pay Day, we've aggregated resources here.