12/25/2012 12:51 pm ET Updated Feb 24, 2013

9 Holiday Survival Strategies For Moms

1. Exhausted? Simply find a nativity scene, push baby Jesus aside, and take a quick snooze in the manger.

2. Sure the kids are home from school, but focus on the positive -- only a decade or so until they leave for college!

3. Regale your children with stories of the gifts you received when you were their age. Who can forget the year you got a pen! With a cap! And an orange too!!

4. Bi-weekly eggnog tasting sessions. Okay, nightly.

5. Tie a sprig of mistletoe to your belt buckle, then slowly stroll through the Starbucks where all the cute young men hang out. Ho ho HO!

6. Encourage your children to draw faces on holiday cards that are just too perfect.

7. Remember when compiling your holiday tips to short the mean crossing guard so you can afford a spa trip in January.

8. Burn the Elf on a Shelf. Take no responsibility for this. Ever.

9. Plan a "business" trip at Canyon Ranch and delegate Christmas to the in-laws.