09/22/2013 02:38 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

This Cat Was Saved From The Brink Of Death

Most cats would not be able to survive such a brutal attack by a dog, even with nine lives. Miss Renata is not most cats. She is a survivor.

It's unknown how Miss Renata ended up defending herself against a dog, or what exactly happened, but she was severely injured. She particularly was hurt in her back and hind legs and lost a lot of blood. She was left to die on the street. Fortunately, she was found by animal services, but even then, it looked like it was too late.


Miss Renata was rushed into emergency surgery. The operation took some time. The surgeons were fearful of complications, but Miss Renata proved resilient and she survived.

Once the cat was out of surgery, she was still not in the clear. She was in horrible pain and the shelter could not afford the pain medication. They had done all they could for her, but the shelter was left with one final decision. They were going to euthanize Miss Renata.


That is when Cat Connection came to Miss Renata's rescue. Cat Connection, a no kill 501(c)(3) non-profit cat rescue in Los Angeles, California got Miss Renata the treatment she needed. Miss Renata needed additional medication and her condition required intensive care. The bite wounds were so deep that she needed more surgery. Miss Renata had serious medical expenses and her post-surgery required intensive daily care. Money was running out. Both Cat Connection and Miss Renata needed help desperately.


Miss Renata is not most cats, and Cat Connection is not just any rescue organization. Together, with the help of the entire rescue community, Cat Connection was able to raise the funds for her. Now, the cat is on her way to a full recovery. Miss Renata is loving her life, getting attention and petted regularly. She is a sweetheart of a cat and is now looking for a permanent home. After all she's been through, she deserves it!


If you're interested in adopting Miss Renata visit her PetFinder profile HERE. (Her name is spelled wrong on the PetFinder profile, but that's her!)

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