07/01/2011 08:47 am ET Updated Aug 31, 2011

A Clueless President Is Better Than Nothing, Right?

The Relentless Conservative watched Obama's press conference yesterday with a little glee and a lot of worry.

Glee, because the news media are finally asking our president tough questions -- yes, even Chuck Todd, NBC correspondent, unrepentant liberal and former Democratic campaign operative, asked a few vaguely challenging questions before being cued to sit down and shut up.

The late Tim Russert hand picked Todd, whose toadying followers are called "Chuckolytes," to accept the torch of Chief-of-Smug for liberal TV. He now treats all Conservatives with Russert's same snarky, condescending style. How can someone who worked for Democratic Presidential candidate Tom Harkin, then became a 'journalist,' wrap himself in journalistic integrity? Only in the Liberal Media.

Back to the "worry." I've never seen a president so arrogant, so defiant, so full of himself. No way the American people should accept his claims that his "party has already accepted the need for substantial spending cuts" (they hadn't, until the outraged American people demanded that they stop the wild spending); his repeated, shameful scolding of Republicans, when this mess we're in is his and only his creation; and the desperate-sounding reference to his daughter's homework assignments in regard to, once again, the Republicans. Does nobody else see through his nonsense?

Oh, you can claim Bush is responsible like all good, little Libs, but Obama's bailouts and his TARP program, as well as all his 'shovel ready,' projects, were supposed to pull us out of this thing. Did they? Nope, they've all inflicted more damage on this frail economy. President Obama and his merry band of economic pranksters make the Keystone Kops look like an efficient, well-oiled machine.

This President is completely clueless as to what's going on around him. That's a dangerous situation for this country.

During his recent New York City trip, he accomplished little except to tie the traffic into huge knots and disrupt the lives of hardworking New Yorkers. Well, he did attend a couple of fundraisers for his next campaign, one at swish Daniel restaurant (dinner ticket: $35,800), the other at Broadway's Sister Act where he got on stage after being introduced by a gushing Whoopi Goldberg and soaked the already fleeced donors for even more money--this while the economy emits death rattles and gasoline nudges $5 per gallon. I won't even mention the other disastrous goings-on abroad or the debt-ceiling issue.

Around the same time, the First Lady was on an 'official visit' to South Africa that included her mother, daughters, nieces, nephews, and a full support and security staff. It's not clear what official business was accomplished or what the expense to the taxpayer was but Liberals will love her 'carbon footprint' for this decadent trip and revel in the First Lady's environmental damage.

Where's the leadership in this White House?

In direct contradiction of Whoopi, who stated that Obama needs four more years "to finish what he started," I say we need to ensure he doesn't finish the damage he's started and make him a one-term President like Carter.

Nuff said.