11/01/2011 11:26 am ET Updated Jan 01, 2012

A Liberal's Investment Firm Goes Under

John Corzine used to be a Liberal Democrat 'rock star.'

A former Goldman Sachs CEO, Corzine was first the US Senator from New Jersey then Governor of that state. He was a Hillary Clinton supporter extraordinaire and fund-raised for her like a champion.

When Corzine left Goldman Sachs, he benefited to the reported tune of $400 million from the firm's 1999 IPO. Corzine, Liberal though he is, would seem to be the embodiment of everything the OWS mob is protesting, however they seem totally geared to go after only Conservatives while Liberals largely get a pass.

After unwisely accepting the support and endorsement of Obama during his reelection run for Governor of New Jersey, Corzine was defeated by Chris Christie.

Still licking his wounded ego after this resounding defeat by Conservatives, Corzine then landed safely as Chairman and CEO at a new investment firm, MF Global. (What MF stands for is unknown, although a vulgarity comes to mind.)

This morning comes the news from no less a Liberal source than The New York Times in a front page article, that Corzine's firm has been cratered over the weekend; scavenging was attempted by other financial firms ala Lehman Brothers but in the end, there was nothing any of them wanted. Why?

Because "customer money has gone missing." There's a surprise. Investigations are now in full swing.

I never trusted Corzine. He always seemed to me to be the hypocritical embodiment of everything that Liberals always accused Conservative politicians of: money-grubbing greed, ignoring the disadvantaged and cheating honest people along the way.

I ask you now reader, do you trust this man?