01/05/2012 02:36 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2012

Cain Raises Clinton

Well, the Democratic 'Hit Squad' eliminated another GOP candidate for President. First they eliminate the women (Palin and Bachmann) through their usual media harangue mechanism, then the only other African-American candidate, Herman Cain.

The DNC just couldn't risk a Conservative woman or African-American giving their beloved Obama a run for his billion dollars.

Let me get this straight: Herman Cain can't run for President because of some unconfirmed allegations of sexual harassment and an extramarital affair when Bill Clinton had many more confirmed claims of affairs and even allegedly exposing himself to young women (Jones vs. Clinton) and Clinton gets elected President -- twice?

This tawdry Democrat strategy which really exposes their use of the same tactics they are guilty of far more often than Republicans and it is wearing thin on most Americans.

We can see why they're doing it: they're afraid an African-American who comes from the private sector, knows how to create jobs and understands business will easily trump their president, who has no practical experience of any kind, has never managed an employee much less created any jobs and now possesses one of the lowest approval rating in presidential history lower even than the anemic, textbook one-term, Jimmy Carter.

Does anybody remember what the Left did, or more rightly, tried to do to Clarence Thomas. How'd that work out for you, Dems?

Clearly, according to Liberal Democratic intellectual philosophy, it's alright for JFK and Clinton to fool around on their wives all they want but when a real threat to the Obama Liberals comes forward and worse yet to Dems, he's black, well they must get him and get him quickly.

And the Liberal media has been the judge, jury and executioner of anybody who dares to derail the $1 billion Obama reelection steamroller.

That's what all this Herman Cain mudslinging is about; pure and simple. Obama and the DNC want to face Romney or Gingrich because that's the only way they win. Now that Cain is gone, they got their way. I certainly hope this devious strategy backfires on them.