11/29/2011 01:02 pm ET Updated Jan 29, 2012

Obama Finally Shows Some Leadership... in Europe?

Who is this President kidding? Does he think Americans are stupid?

Strangely, the answer must be "yes."

After an appalling first three years in The White House, where he displayed a serious dearth of any leadership whatsoever, Obama finally gets off his duff and starts meddling in Europe's mess.

Ironically, virtually the only response an Obama Liberal can muster when it is pointed out that this President has mostly failed -- when he's done anything at all -- is the terrorist killings Obama hangs his hat on. These were clearly the result of the aggressive Bush interrogation techniques which had Liberals howling for the better part of a decade. Without those interrogations and the subsequent information obtained therefrom, Obama has nothing to list as accomplishments. His is a blank piece of paper.

Now, when America's in an awful mess, economically, morally and structurally and Obama has consistently punted when looked to as Commander-in-Chief; when those who elected him really need him to focus on crucial domestic issues, what does he do? Go to Europe to meet with EU leaders.

Let's get something straight, even the slobbering love-affair the Europeans had with Obama is drawing to a close. Even they, who wanted Obama to be President so badly, now know he has few, if any answers.

And when pressed exactly why he's over there pretending to have all the answers for the Europeans who continually get themselves in godawful situations then clamor for the US to bail them out, Obama's weak response is we're not going to be using "taxpayer money?" Nonsense. Even if the bailout authority is the IMF, Americans fund the IMF with almost 20% of their total funding... so already overburdened American are STILL paying for Europe's financial clean-up.

It's like the UN, which the US funds at more than 20% of their total budget plus providing luxurious digs in the ultra-pricey Upper East Side of Manhattan. Why should this kind of stupid generosity continue when we have serious, really serious problems at home?

This is not the leadership Americans want or deserve. It's clear this President doesn't know how to lead this country. Obama needs to hear that more from us.