11/16/2011 02:13 pm ET Updated Jan 13, 2012

Occupy Mob Forces Closure of St. Paul's Cathedral London

How long will this "Occupy" insanity be tolerated?

For the first time since World War II, St. Paul's Cathedral in London where Royals have been married and buried for centuries will be closed for worship, according to Britain's Telegraph newspaper.

There's been a house of worship on this site since the year 604 and amongst the few times it's been closed since then it took gigantic forces of evil to close it: Adolf Hitler and his Nazis during the Blitz; the Great Fire of London in 1666 and now finally, the Occupy London mess which has ruined the grand house of worship with its putrid campground on the front steps and forced it to close.

The bitter irony of these Godless heathens closing the UK's central house of worship is palpable. I can taste it in my mouth.

My guess? They're very proud of themselves for killing two birds with one stone: "standing up for what" they believe in (whatever in God's name that might be); and denying other more decent, employed people a place to respect God. The "standing up" part, of course, doesn't involve much standing at all, but more laying in a sleeping bag or, if standing, then relieving themselves in public and ruining yet another of the world's great tourist destinations.

These people are not ordinary citizens "exercising their First Amendment rights" anymore than the homeless crack addicts who nearly destroyed New York City during the Beame/Koch/Dinkins years were "political activists" employing their right to free speech by running amok.

By ruining and harming the rest of the public's right to enjoy public spaces and harming the local economy wherever they congregate, these Occupy degenerates are guilty of performing the equivalent of "shouting fire in crowded theater" which as we all know is the exception to the right to Free Speech and clearly illegal.

I was living in NYC in 1986 when myself and many others were literally forced to find another city to live in by rampant crack addicts raping, robbing and pillaging decent New Yorkers into virtual extinction. The times I personally witnessed these insane, drug-addicted morons defecating on the street in full view were uncountable.

Rudy Giuliani changed all that and cleaned up NYC in a seemingly impossible task. What would Giuliani do with the OWS debacle? It's clear: he would've cleaned them out on the first day and they would've never returned. As Michael Bloomberg is rapidly discovering, that's what necessary now.