08/17/2011 03:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

There Goes Obama Again. Next Stop: Impeachment

Our president is on the road again.

Flying in, in his personal executive jet, Air Force One (it's all right for him to use a personal executive jet, but not for businesspeople, note).

He's not creating jobs, as perpetually promised and undelivered upon. He's not trying to piece together the tattered shreds of his economic team. And he's certainly not exhibiting leadership or commonsense. He's in a bus, fundraising for his billion-dollar re-election campaign, trying to explain himself while blaming others so that he might get re-elected. Disgraceful.


This time, the billion-dollar Obama juggernaut is steamrolling the Midwest by bus. If he could fly in that personal executive jet of his, he would. I'm sure of it.

Yikes! When will this guy stop with his profligate, absurd activities?

In what the former Time-scribbler-turned-Obama-spokesman/apologist, Jay Carney, called an "official trip," Obama has simultaneously made this obvious campaign trip a taxpayer-funded activity (illegal) and given his detractors yet another physically powerful piece of artillery to use against him. Watch as Carney squirms, then smarmily tells the White House Press Corps that the reason for this shamelessly self-serving activity is that "he's the President of the United States"!!

Have these taxpayer-funded mouthpieces no shame in how they treat and respond to the American people and their press?

What is Obama thinking by approving this taxpayer funded campaign tour? (Answer: not much.)

What kind of counsel are his highly-paid advisors giving him (Answer: the usual rotten advice.)

Why haven't his current advisors left to go the way of academia, as most of his former 'brain-trust' has? (Answer: Academia doesn't want the remaining 'talent.')

And, how dare they brandish the name 'brain-trust' when they are obviously clueless as to how Obama should turn this catastrophic situation around? (Answer: politicians always look for 'reverse' taglines to mislead.)

This president is cratering before our very eyes. Unprecedented.

Liberals seem to be getting the message, finally. I'm thinking an impeachment is the only logical way out of this mess. Obama has been consistent in his obliviousness to America's unhappiness with his abhorrent handling of this country's business, both domestically and abroad. I know of virtually nobody who can tell me, with a straight face, that Obama has done a great job thus far. Most say he's been a mediocre if not terrible leader, and I've spoken to many people from all walks of life across the political spectrum into Deep Liberal.

If, as I predict, impeachment occurs, I'm guessing that it will play out much like Nixon and Watergate. At first the Republican Party resisted and stonewalled, much as the Democratic Party does today to protect Obama. Then, when everything becomes clear and there's no doubt as to our president's duplicity (in Obama's case, incompetence), all Americans and both parties will pursue the offending president mercilessly, as they well should.

We're clearly moving into impeachment territory, with the previous incident of Obama filming a campaign video inside the Oval Office and now this ridiculous bus tour at taxpayer expense. It's like a junior executive cheating on his corporate expense reports, except that now we have the president peddling the masquerade that it's 'official business.' Not good... not good at all. This won't end well for the Democrats. Don't say I didn't warn you.