06/25/2014 06:32 pm ET Updated Aug 25, 2014

10 Ways the George Lucas Museum Will Re-Write Chicago History

We did it, guys! We got another museum!

The George Lucas museum will open in Chicago come 2018. Who better to explain how an entire society can go from a sparkling clean hi-tech vision of the future -- to a dirty broken-down totalitarian regime in the time it takes a baby to grow into Mark Hamill?

Here are 10 ways George Lucas will re-write (and improve) Chicago's grand history:

1. Willis Tower will be dramatically revealed as the John Hancock Center's father! (Back when it was going by a different name...)

2. To fix continuity errors with his origin, Barack Obama was now actually born in Chicago and built Joe Biden at a very young age.

3. The 1893 World's Fair will go down in history as the first time the world was introduced to Cream of Wheat, Juicy Fruit, the dishwasher, the zipper, the Ferris Wheel, the trash compactor monster thing and the wizardry of Nikola Tesla (voiced by James Earl Jones).

4. The Chicago Cubs World Series Curse is now credited to their very low Midichlorian counts.

5. The Prohibition Era will remain untouched. There is no need for edits... except one. Al Capone rode a giant lizard.

6. Oprah Winfrey will now be played by Hayden Christensen.

7. Illinois governors will no longer be political puppets; they will be political CGI effects.

8. Richard J. Daley and Richard M. Daley will be re-written to be siblings (making their earlier kiss super-awkward).

9. The filth-ridden Chicago sausages describe in Upton Sinclair's The Jungle will be henceforth known as "Jar Jar Links."

10. We will have to burn Chicago down one more time to complete the trilogy.

Written by C.J. Tuor. This post originally appeared on The Second City Network.