03/26/2012 02:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Episode 91: Madonna's Brother Opens Up (AUDIO)

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Episode #91: "Madonna's Brother Opens Up to The Six Pack"


2012-03-26-christopherciccone.jpgIt's an "All in the Family" episode of The Six Pack this week, with our guests Christopher Ciccone (Madonna's brother) and Randy Roberts Potts (grandson of televangelist Oral Roberts). Ciccone opens up about growing up with Madonna, his feelings on her new material, as well as his own non-Madonna ventures.

"I don't particularly like the Super Bowl song," Ciccone says of "Give Me All Your Luvin'," Madonnas new single. "I love my sister, but the new stuff doesn't do anything for me." He also shares his thoughts on the endless debate: Lady Gaga vs. Madonna. "Look, there are a great deal of similarities that [Lady Gaga] lifted from our shit. That's fine, because we were working from inspiration from other people from the '20s and '30s when we were doing stuff together, so as far as originality is concerned, you know, we tried to make it our own."

Randy Potts tells us about the Gay Agenda tour, his quest to show conservatives that gays are just like everyone else: we iron, we vacuum, we read the newspaper... whoa, how horrifying! Can he save us? We'll find out!

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