08/19/2010 03:34 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Starbucks New Green Coffee -- Destined for Beverage Hall of Shame?

Starbucks is almost ready to release its newest coffee drink, the "Refresher." And this time you won't even recognize it as coffee.

The Refresher is made from unroasted coffee beans ground into a "flavor neutral" powder (yummy!) and mixed with other ingredients to make Cool Lime and Berry Hibiscus flavors. The drinks are high in Vitamin C and have only 15 milligrams of caffeine... which begs the question, why not just make limeade and hibiscus berry tea?

I don't know about you, but I smell a new entrant into the Beverage Hall of Shame. Keep reading to see what other terrible drink ideas the Refresher may soon join.

  1. Starbucks already has a star in the Beverage Hall of Shame. Back in the mid 90s they hooked up with Pepsi to make the Mazagran Italian Sparkling Coffee. They added spices to the formula to make it extra weird and surprise! It failed. Fortunately Starbucks dropped the soda and moved on to their bottled Frappuccinos. Which is better: the Frappe or Frappuccino?
  2. Capitalizing on our current hot romance with vampires, Tru Blood Beverage brings you the taste of blood oranges and "appears stormy and mysterious when poured into a glass." Really? We're going to suck on a bottle while watching the HBO series and pretend we're vampires? Whatever, just hand me some plastic vampire teeth instead -- or better yet, a glass of Cabernet. Check out other weird blood beverages.
  3. Jones Tofurkey and Gravy Soda: Honestly, I don't even know what to say. Quick show of hands, who thinks this is a good idea? This looks even yuckier than their bacon and their pizza-flavored sodas. Does it sound better than cheeseburger chill smoothies?
  4. Finally, I know they hate it every time we bring it up, but let's all pause for a moment in memory of the worst beverage idea ever: New Coke. Was it better than Pepsi Throwback?

What else belongs in the Beverage Hall of Shame?

Written by Adriana Velez on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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