02/09/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Grace Bedell's Letter to Obama

Perhaps you've noticed the incoming administration's attempts to identify with Abraham Lincoln. The references to Team of Rivals, riding the train to Washington for the inauguration, even planning to use the actual bible Lincoln used to take the oath of office. But the following letter, released this morning by the Obama staff, seems to indicate that things may be going too far.

Hon B H Obama
Jan 2009
Dear Sir

I am a little girl only eleven years old, but like pro hoops very much and know that you do too. I read that you're favrite player was Julius Erving.

I think that you should grow out your fro like I have seen in pictures of Doctor J. And you should have a pointy beard too just like he had when he played on the Sixers teems that had George McGinness and World B Free. Then we would have a Presdent who looks like he could take somebody off the dribble and also shoot a finger roll and also dunk from the foul line. That would make us all feel better then the Presdint we have now who can't even bounce the ball and always looks like he has to pee.

Do you like music? Cause if you grew out your fro you would also look like Jim E Hendrix who was a musician that lived in the 60's. He was left handed just like you and even if you can't play the gitarr you could wear sycodellic clothes and set the gitarr on fire and that would be more fun then this Presdent who just spits on the lawn and kills people.

When you direct your letter dirct to Grace Bedell Westfield Chatauque County New York
I must not write any more answer this letter right off Good bye