06/20/2014 02:22 pm ET Updated Aug 20, 2014

NeoMediaCon 2014

Let's be clear. Paul Wolfowitz should not be trusted to know the location of the sky. Douglas Feith is to imbecility what... well there's no need of analogy, Douglas Feith is an imbecile. A line of 16th Century Spanish Habsburgs swimming in a limited gene pool riddled with genetic deformities and the final throes of syphilitic dementia can't hold a candle to the madness of the Cheney family. And then there's Bill Kristol.

That Bill Kristol is allowed to put on a suit and sit in a chair and utter words that are transmitted to other humans is an insult to every form of civilizational progress. But here's the point: if news shows are going to let neocons spout their shit they are obligated to provide what Dan Rather used to call "context and perspective."

A few years ago, my brother and I had the chance to hang out with Jon Stewart and the people behind The Daily Show. Everyone was great, but the coolest thing to see was a huge room full of monitors and tape machines basically recording and SAVING every news-type show on the air and the opinions expressed on said shows. Satire, like journalism, works when you base it on factual speech and actions. Yet for far too many serious journalists of the Chuck Todd school of job definition, any reference to the past is somehow taking a side. We are in a moment created by lots of words used to define previous moments... is it too much to ask who said them?

P.S. We are HuffPost bloggers from back in the day. A time when, swear to Buddha, a post of yours could appear on the front page three spots ahead of Norman Mailer! Anyway, this is what we wrote about Iraq in 2005... don't expect many bookings.